Ultra-fine grinding
Product size some µm to some hundreds nm

Agitating Media Mill
Super Orion Ball Mill S.O.

Hosokawa Alpine Ball Mill
  • Cast side plates bolted to a welded grinding drum.
  • Integrated manhole.
  • Drive via ring and pinion gear with automatically controlled tooth lubrication, back gearing with couplings and high-performance gear unit.
  • Product discharge via adjustable slots located around the periphery of the drum. Two part discharge housing with top venting connection and inspection cover.
  • Bearing unit: grease-lubricated anti-friction bearings, central lubrication system. Friction bearings also possible if required with permanent oil-re-circulation lubrication and temperature control.


Jet Mill
Spiral Jet Mill AS

Hosokawa Alpine Spiral Jet Mill
  • Simple structure without rotating parts.
  • Unique grinding mechanism, which prevents coarse materials from entering the product.
  • Ability to grind low-melting point materials to a few μm.
  • Corresponds to GMP standards for easy disassembly and CIP/SIP.


Brochure 200AS_Baseline

Jet Mill
Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mills AFG, AFG-R,AFG-CR

Hosokawa ALPINE Jet Mill
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Sharp classifying performance.
  • For materials of any hardness.
  • Low product contamination.
  • Simple construction.
  • Low noise emission.
  • Almost 1,000 references for an enormous variety of application.



Jet Mill
Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mills AFG-CR

  • CR ultra fine classifier is integrated in AFG for milling down below one micron.
  • The classifying wheel is designed on basis of the forced and the semi-free vortex theory, resulting in sub-micron classification.
  • Combining with opposed jet mill technology,
  • Ceramics classifying wheel for metal free product is available.
  • Scale-up with multi-wheel classifier.

Brochure AFG-CR

Jet Mill
Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mills TFG

Hosokawa Alpine Jet Mill
  • High precision of cut.
  • Suitable for toner grinding.
  • Good accessibility for cleaning to minimize the downtime during a color change.
  • A hydraulic mechanism permits the classifier head to be raised and then swung off to the side through 180°.

Jet Mill
Fluidized Bed Opposed Jet Mills TTG

  • TTG jet mill is equipped with a Turbo-Twin classifier head that substantially reduces the pressure drop of the classification.
  • Produce sub-micron particles at high capacity.
  • Application areas:
    • Mineral powders, Graphite, Mineral fillers. Talc, Barium sulphate, etc.

Jet Mill
Micron Jet-T MJT

  • Target(impact) type jet mill.
  • High grinding efficiency.
  • Easy adjustment of product size.
  • Highly precise classification possible as ground particles enter the classifying zone in highly dispersed conditions.
  • Easy Cleaning.

Jet Mill
Micron Jet-Q MJQ

  • Target(impact) type jet mill.
  • High energy efficiency.
  • Low residue in the mill.
  • Very-easy-to-clean construction.
  • Easy size control.
  • Designed for handling sticky materials.
  • All-ceramics construction is possible.
  • Applicable for neodymium iron boron for magnet.


Attrition Type Ultra Fine Mill
Super Micron Mill MEC,M

  • Grinding mechanism that utilizes the 3 largest grinding principles. (Impact, Shearing, Attrition)
  • Space saving: 65% more compact compared to past models. (Compared as a whole system)
  • Low Noise level : under 85dB.
  • Equipped with contaminant separation mechanism.
  • The Super Micron Mill M model uses the same attrition grinding mechanism as the renewed MEC model.


Impact Type Ultra Fine Grinding Mill
Innomizer INM

  • High grinding capabilities.
    For example, in the case of grinding toner, 30-50% cost reduction (comparing energy consumption ratio) can be expected relative to conventional jet mills.
  • For high grade, high added value of products.
  • Easy particle size control.
  • Easy Maintenance and Inspection.
  • Wide variety of designs.


Agitating Media Mill with an Integrated Classifier
Pulvis PV

  • Energy efficient compared to jet mill.
  • Possible to grind down to ultra fine particles (sub-micron).
  • Easy particle size adjustment.
  • Ceramics construction possible for powder contact part.


Table Roller Mill + new integrated ACP Classifier

  • Energy saving against ball mill / classifier process
  • No use of grinding aid
  • Investment saving due to compact design
  • Fineness up to D97 = 8 micron

Wet Process Agitated Ball Mill
Vertical mill ANR

  • Open-design vertical agitated media mill for single-pass mode
    Suitable for superfine calcium carbonate and other mineral powder slurries
    Suitable for continuous operation
    Low maintenance machine
  • Ceramic wear protection ensures high degree of whiteness
  • Cost effective due to low grinding energy requirement


Wet Process Agitated Ball Mill
Hydro-Mill AHM

  • Easy Dis-assembly and Cleaning.
    • The mill is equipped with either a stationary or mobile support unit that guarantees a simple disassemble procedure for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Wear protection.
    • For the application which require special c are for metal contamination, the agitator disc and liner pipe can be coated with either high-grade ceramics or tungsten carbide. A mono-block ceramics structure is possible as well.