Centrifugal Force Classifier
Micron Separator MS

  • The classification range is wide and is suitable for a wide variety of applications. (Dth=3 – 150μm is possible)
  • No sealing air is required, this allows for a low energy consumption and simpler ancillary equipment.
  • The wheel blades are very robust and exchangeable replaced. Wear protection is also available.
  • The classification size can be easily controlled by changing the speed of the wheel.


Centrifugal Force Classifier
Turboplex Classifier ATP

  • Horizontal classifying wheel.
  • Robust design.
  • Ultrahigh fineness values.
  • Sharp top-size limitation.
  • Stable operation even at fluctuating feed rates.
  • Universal in use.
  • Sophisticated technology.
  • Easy classifying wheel exchange.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Multi rotor design enables fine cut point in scale-up models.


Centrifugal Force Classifier
Turbo Twin Double Classifier TTD

  • Low energy costs as well as low investment costs per ton of end product.
  • High fines yield and maximum fines capacity.
  • Extremely robust and durable construction.
  • Classifying wheel supported in bearings on both sides.
  • Dual-flow fines discharge.
  • Optimized product feed direct to classifying wheel.
  • Direct drive with reinforced motor bearing.

Brochure Air Classifier TTD

Centrifugal Force Classifier
Toner Classifiers TSP

  • Developed especially for dedusting toner.
  • Superior ultra-fines removal performance.
  • Counter flow classification realizes the high yield and capacity.
  • No back-mixing by deliberate product routing design.
  • Optimum access for quick and thorough cleaning at minimum downtime.

Inertia Force Classifier
Cliffis CF

  • High classifying efficiency.
    • For the top cleaning of toner, it gives very high classifying efficiency.
  • Way-out Design.
    • It doesn’t require a Coanda wall and simplify the internal structure.
  • Easy maintenance.
    • Quick and easy disassembling/cleaning procedure due to no moving parts and smooth interior design.

Zig Zag Classifier
MZM and MZF Multi-Plex

Zig Zag Air Classifier
  • Two different designs: MZM and MZF.
  • Each design is available in a range of machine sizes from a single-tube to a multi-tube classifier.
  • Ideal for sharp separations in the range d97 = approx. 0.3 – 10 mm.
  • Throughput can range from a few kg/h in the case of the laboratory classifier up to approx. 200 t/h for the industrial-scale multi-tube classifier.
  • Classification takes place at every change in direction of the zigzag tube and permits an extremely high, steplessly adjustable precision of cut. The result is clean-cut fines or lightweight material, even under overload conditions.