The number of people who have to be fed from one hectare of agricultural land has increased drastically over the past decades. Agrochemicals are becoming increasingly important in the efforts to feed growing global population.

Suitable process solutions and individual components matched to each other are indispensable for the production of plants protectors (fungicides, herbicides, pesticides) with small particle sizes and dispersible granule shape.

Besides the demands on the product itself, a host of other requirements need to be considered:

  • Explosion-protected systems as defined in ATEX directives
  • Optimum process control and automation
  • Containment solutions for personnel protection
  • Easy and effective cleaning up to fully automated CIP solutions
  • Wear protection for abrasive materials
  • Special solutions for sticky products
Diagramm with examples of typical particle size distributions achieved after milling



  • Required capacity
  • Feed – slurry, paste, filter cake
  • Required end moisture
  • Product properties
  • Contained with solvent recovery, CIP


  • Batch size
  • Product properties such as free flowing, segregative


  • Particle size and particle size distribution
  • Required capacity
  • Batch/continuous process
  • Product properties such as hazardous, abrasive, sticky

Agglomeration & Extrusion

  • Energy savings up to 50% compared to spray drying
  • The Flexomix can increase the capacity of the Bextruder up to 35%
  • Easy to disperse product