Conical Mixer, Vrieco Nauta mixer series
Vrieco Nauta Mixers

  • Swift mixing with minimal energy consumption.
  • Mixing deviation converges quickly with little variation.
  • Minimal damage to particles.
  • Low heat generation.
  • Easy to discharge material with little residue.
  • Large machines possible.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No seals within the material bed.
  • Simplifying processes.


Conical Mixer
Vrieco Nauta Mixers DBX Type

  • Cantilever mixing screw design throughout the model range increases cleanability.
  • Drive unit uses direct drive motors increasing safety and maintainability.
  • Improved transmission efficiency reduces the energy consumption.
  • Vacuum type DBX-RWV can be used for drying and reaction processes. (refer to dryer section)

Conical Mixer
Vrieco Nauta Mixers NX Type

  • Standard model of the Vrieco Nauta Mixer.
  • For volumes below 300 liters, the mixing screw is cantilevered. For volumes above 600 liters, the standard bottom support is the pin joint.
  • NXW type has 2 mixing screws offering short mixing time.
  • NXR type has a faster mixing screw tip speed, offering kneading effect, for applications such as pasting.

Conical Mixer
Vrieco Nauta Mixers D2SX Type

  • Equipped with a additional satellite mixing screw.
  • Mixing time is less than half of the single mixing screw type Vrieco Nauta Mixers, with approximately 30% increase in energy consumption.

Conical Mixer
Vrieco Nauta Mixers CX Type

  • The installed height of the mixer is lower than that of an equivalent volume NX model.
  • The mixing time is half of an equivalent volume NX model.
  • The load on the mixing screw is distributed to the 2 screws increasing stability in operation.

Conical Mixer
Vrieco Nauta Mixers DBY, LV

  • Laboratory model mixers.
  • DBY type uses the same Vrieco Nauta Mixer mixing principle.
  • Small and portable.
  • Screw speed can be adjusted (for LV model) freely between 100 – 200 rpm.
  • Maintenance free bearings require no lubrication.
  • Simple design making.

High Speed High Shear Mixer
Cyclomix CLX

  • Unique mixing action.
    • Fast mixing time with high level of homogeneity and material dispersion.
  • Jacket with highly heat transfer efficiency.
  • Easy discharge of material with almost no holdup of material.

Conical High Speed Mixer
Vitomix VX

  • Short mixing time.
    • Achieves swift and homogeneous mixing with efficient mixing principle.
  • Wide range of applications.
    • Combines a gentle low shear mixer and a mid shear mixer in one machine.
  • Easy discharge of material, no residue.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Compact design.
  • No seals in material bed.

Continuous Mixer
Turbulizer TX, TCX

  • Compact continuous mixer with high capacity. (11 ton/h on model T X-30)
  • Can break up agglomerates.
  • Adding  and dispersing liquids.
  • Jacket f or h eating and cooling.
  • Increases i n powder handling.
  • Continuous process f or labor savings.
  • Easy cleaning.