Polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE) is a fluorinated polymer, which is more commonly known under its commercial name Teflon. The multitude and the diversity of its special features such as resistance to chemical attack, low coefficients of friction and hydrophobic surface make this material ideal for a great number of different applications:

– Non-stick coating for pots and pans
– Water- and wind-proof clothing
– Coating of chemical units, bearings, seals
– Sealing technology
– Medical implants
– Cable insulation
– Dental floss
– Aerospace engineering
– Filter bags

Typical requirements made of PTFE after grinding are:

– Fineness values in the range of d97 = 40 micron with exact top-size limitation
– Contamination-free or iron-free processing
– Highly pure processing for special applications in aerospace engineering

Hosokawa/Alpine fluidized bed opposed jet mill AFG in special design is ideally suited to meet all these requirements. Special construction materials with high surface qualities are used. A hinge-back mill design is often requested to ensure quick and easy cleaning.

Fluidized bed opposed jet mill 710/1 AFG with hydraulic mechanism to open and close the classifier head.

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