Finetron FT-N

  • Stable and accurate feeding.
  • Can feed materials that were difficult to feed with traditional screw feeders.
  • A range of models with a wide feeding range.
  • A single drive unit can adapt to 8 models.
  • Can be used if loss in weight mode with an optional scale.
  • Easy to clean and disassemble.


Tank Discharger
Actitron ACT

  • Can be used to discharge material from any kind of powder storage tank or silo.
  • Can discharge first in / first out basis.
  • Very small chance of flash flow due to the mass flow effect.
  • Segregation is minimal during discharge.
  • Can be adjusted depending upon the powder characteristics.
  • Simple and robust design.

Denspack DEN

  • Compact construction, big densification effect.
  • Densification with no damage to the powder.
  • Continuous operation possible with the integrated self cleaning mechanism.
  • Can be easily integrated into production systems.
  • Can operate even with sticky powders.
  • Can be used as a feeder or discharger simultaneously with densification.
  • Running cost is low due to low energy consumption.


Filling and Weighing System
Filling and Weighing System STS

  • Can be used to fill and weigh various bags and containers.
  • No dust generation ensures a clean working environment.
  • Work is conducted safely and easily with high work efficiency.
  • Guaranteed high weighing accuracy.
  • Compact construction.
  • Can be incorporated into various systems.
  • Many options available.