Mixed cables, solid cables, stranded wire cables


For recovering copper or aluminium from any type of cable scrap, Hosokawa ALPINE supplies complete cable recycling systems for any capacity requirement.

A relatively small batch plant designed for several hundred kilos can later be upgraded step-by-step to a fully automatic large-scale system with a capacity of several tonnes  per hour.

The shining  end-product from each Alpine system constitutes the absolute  best quality possible today in the field of cable recycling with respect to the metal yield, it purity and its flowability (stranded cable).


Mixed cable recycling

The system processes customary cable scrap with copper or aluminium conductors in the form of solid cables right down to hair-fine stranded cable (<150 micron dia.)

Alpine cable recycling processes

Alpine also supplies systems which are specially designed for recycling solid cable or stranded cable scrap alone.

  • Extremely high metal yield plus maximum purity
  • Flowable metal concentrate of uniform particle size from solid scrap cable, rolled metal concentrate with excellent flow properties from stranded cable. Because of their unmatched quality, both concentrates have a much higher re-sale value than other metal concentrates.
  • Mechanically robust design. Even after years of hard service, Alpine systems are as reliable as they were on the day of delivery.
Cable recycling plant

Small scale cable recycling plant

Credit to our Hosokawa Micron Group company Hosokawa Polymer System, USA