Lithium-ion battery-production is a growing market. But every lithium-ion battery produced also needs to be recycled. The manufacturers face two different types of recycling tasks:

  • recycling of production scrap during the manufacturing process
  • end of life (EOL) recycling of batteries that are no longer used


during the production of lithium-ion batteries

We specialize in advanced solutions for the direct recycling of production scrap during the battery production process. Our systems take the production waste, cut the batteries’ inner foils into small pieces and delaminates the cathode and anode material respectively. Following, it directly sends the material back to the coating process.


End-of-life recycling (EOL)

It is estimated that in 2030, around 1,100,000 batteries will reach their end-of-life in Europa alone. However, this scrap contains valuable and critical raw materials like graphite, manganese, cobalt or lithium compounds. These can be reintroduced into the production cycle, therefore increasing the efficiency in the production of lithium-ion batteries.