CS Roller Compactor

  • for compaction, granulation and briquetting
  • for abrasive products
  • for frequent product changes
  • for laboratory applications in the mineral and chemical industry
  • easy to maintain and robust

MS Roller Compactor

  • Minerals/Metals:
    • Dedusting by briquetting
    • Granulate production, e.g. fertilizer
  • Chemicals:
    • Improve flowing properties and storage life of powders
    • Increase bulk weight
    • Improve flowing behavior of powders

High Pressure Roller Mill
Compact mills for sharp-edges granules

  • Pre-crushing before fine grinding
  • Non-fine crushing
  • Sharp-edged granules
  • Narrow granule distribution

Pharmapaktor C 250

  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Pilot operation and development (galenic)
  • in the case of frequently changed products
  • in the case of temperature sensitive products
  • Insulator application



Pharmapaktor L / Pharmapaktor K

  • Pharmapaktor L
    • in case of high press forces
    • in case of frequent product changes
    • in case of small to medium batch sizes
  • Pharmapaktor K
    • Production machine for large batches
    • in the case of high press forces
    • in the case of temperature sensitive products


Kompaktor HK

  • Briquetting of charcoal
  • Roller diameter: 400 mm
  • Working width: 150 – 200 mm
  • Drive unit 5.5. – 7.5 kW
  • Gravity fed
  • Roll tyre


Fluidized Agglomerator
Agglomaster AGM-PJ

  • Diversity in functions
    • mixing
    • dispersion
    • agglomeration
    • coating
    • disintegration
    • drying
  • Equipped with pulse jet dispersion mechanism.
    • Possible to agglomerate the ultrafine particles below 50μm.
    • Possible to coat of the ultrafine particles about 10μm.
    • Possible to control agglomerates size by pulse jet mechanism


Continuous Agglomerator
Flexomix FX, FXD

  • The Flexomix continuous agglomeration system is a powerful combination of a number of functionalities:
    • Powder handling system
    • Powder dosing system
    • Binder dosing system(s): water, steam, and other liquids
    • Schugi® Flexomix mixer and agglomerator (FX),
    • Schugi® Fluid Bed Dryer and Cooler (FBD)
    • Air system including blower and heating/cooling equipment
    • Air exhaust system including cyclone and filter
    • Product classification and size crusher (if necessary)
    • State-of-the-art integrated control system
  • Applications:
    • Chemical
      • Super absorbent polymers (SAP), detergents (drying, compounding before cooling, agglomeration), LIB anode phosphate (hydro exothermic reaction), pigment, or pesticide.
    • Mineral/metal
      • Nickel/cobalt (compound or agglomeration for LIB cathode), graphite (for secondary battery), tungsten carbide (for molding material), carbon black (for press material).
    • Food
      • Instant food (dairy product, cocoa, soup for vending machine), animal feed, bakery additives, spice, flour (wetting), starch (reforming), milk substitute.
    • Pharmaceutical
      • Animal antibiotics, lactose.