Coarse grinding
Product size some dozens mm to some hundreds µm

Impact Type Screen Mill
Hammer Mill H, Hammer Breaker HB

– When used as a grinding machine to powderize small lumps of materials, the Hammer Mill has a high capacity and only needs minimal auxiliary facilities, making it a very efficient machine.
– Has a durable and simple structure.
– Parts where wearing could take place can be easily replaced and the running cost is low.
– Product sizes can be easily adjusted by exchanging the screens/grates through the side cover.

Low Speed Shearing Screen Type Grinder
Rotoplex Ro

– Durable casing structure made from cast iron
– Designed for easy cleaning and easy exchange of screens/cutters.
– Able to grind resin molded inferior goods of various shapes and sizes.
– Able to grind freshly molded high temperature scraps.
– Cooling air and water are not needed due to its unique structure that is compatible to the high speed rotor.

Low Speed Shearing Screen Type Grinder
Compact Line CL

– Rotors in patented Alpine cross-scissor-cut
– Robust framework construction in “triple frame” technology.
– Electro-hydraulic dual opening system for
mill top section and screen support for fast
and comfortable access to rotor and grinding chamber.
– Gap elimination/minimization for optimal cleaning.
– Machine sizes from 30 kW to 500 kW.

Low Speed Shearing Screen Type Shredder
Nibbler NBS

– The Raw Material can be easily fed into the
machine due to its wide inlet.
– The inlet and outlet are concentric on a plane, allowing for easy positioning.
– Product sizes can be easily adjusted by switching screens.
– Due to the unique design of the screen, the
residence time is short and generation of fines is minimized.
– Energy consumption is low and the noise generated during operation is relatively quiet.

Disintegrator RD, RH, RA/RP, RI

– Coarse grinding machine that can be widely applied to various industries such as the food industry for processing vegetables, fruits, fish meats, as well as chemicals, plastics (resins),
pharmaceuticals, etc.
– It can perform dry milling or wet milling depending on the application.
– The rotor is set onto a vertical, horizontal, or angled driving shaft.
– All models are structured in a manner for easy assembly, dis-assembly, and cleaning.

Coarse Grinder for Rubber Bale
Rubber Chopper PB

– Generates a very large torque, with durable design.
– Low abrasion and noise level due to operation at low rotation speeds.
– Low required power level.
– The temperature increase of the product is low, with minimal effect to the product quality.
– Easy maintenance