Fig. Printed circuit board (Application of phenol resin)

Primarily it is only mechanical classifier mills that are used for the fine grinding of synthetic resins. Air jet mills are unsuitable because of their energy requirement, which is almost 3 times as high as mechanical mill.

The use of ACM Pulverizer for fine grinding brings process-technological and economic advantages.

Features of ACM Pulverizer:

  • High airflow rate. This means, “cool” grinding with no coating formation. Because the grindability of synthetic resins depends not only on their toughness above all on their thermal characteristics (softening point), this is an important factor. Resins with an extremely low softening point require the use of cooled air.
  • The high precision of cut of the integrated classifier guarantees powder qualities free from oversize particles with a steep particle size distribution.
  • Excellent cleaning possibilities.
  • Energy-favorable and cost-effective processing.
  • Full ceramic version has been well accepted by electric industry for seal material.

Bond (Application of epoxy resin)

ACM Pulverizer ACM-10A

Schematic figure of ACM Pulverizer