General Trend

  • Thin layer technology to reduce material consumption as well as curing temperature, i.e., smaller particle size is favorable.
  • Fine grinding in principle is no problem, however, amount of fines (below 10 μm) increases with decreasing top size. Too much fines lead to low powder flowability and poor coating quality.

Key issue: Production of powder with narrow size distribution

In order to achieve these requirements our;

Air Classifier Mill ACM

Air Classifier Mill

Micro ACM EC – Easy Cleaning

  • Air Classifying Mill Easy Clean

    Superior for frequent cleaning

  • Tailor made for Powder-Coatings, Pharma and Food applications
  • 50 % time saving for cleaning
    a) Higher availability
    b) Cost saving
  • Very low noise level

able to achieve the followings;

  • Size distribution of powder paint is one key factor for quality of a coating
  • Easy Clean
  • Production of fines during milling is unavoidable to a certain extent
  • Efficient removal of by inline classification is state of the art
  • Classified powder gives higher surface quality and more stable application process