Pigments are insoluble substance in water or alcohol. They are used as ingredients in paint, ink, cosmetics, etc. as coloring substances. Pigments are classified into 2 types: organic and inorganic pigments. Inorganic pigments can be divided into 2 types: natural mineral pigment and synthetic inorganic pigments. Dyestuffs are dissolved in a solvent and used for coloring fiber, paper and others.

The dry grinding and classifying of pigments and dyestuffs must pay attention to the extremely critical product properties. These products have a high tendency to form deposits, which increases the risk of system blockages. Because of this, it is impossible to give a generally valid rule regarding machine selection with fineness or throughput values. Each machine and every system must fulfill a great number of requirements. We therefore modifies its systems to suit the product: special mills with wide-chamber housings; modified fluidized bed opposed jet mills; fluidization units for locations where deposits are likely to form; installation of flexible rubber linings; hot-air mode; the addition of grinding aids, etc.
Also, in the mixing process, various sizes of Vrieco Nauta Mixer are adopted for higher accurate performance and time- and energy-saving operation.

Vrieco Nauta mixer


Various option of grinding machines is possible depending on the figure and target particle size of powders.

  • Contraplex pin mills CW
  • ACM Pulverizer
  • Fine impact mills UPZ
  • Fluidized bed opposed jet mills AFG
  • Classifier ATP and TTD are suitable for separation of contaminants and oversize particles.

Contraplex pin mills CW

Contraplex mills are versatile in operation in the paint industry. Special features are the wide-chamber housing to prevent formation of deposits, as well as high grinding fineness and low energy consumption.

Contraplex 250CW

Fine impact mills UPZ

The many different equipment variants of these wear-insensitive systems make optimum adaptation to any feed product possible.

ACM Pulverizer

High-tech systems for end products with steep particle size distributions and exact top-size limitation.

ACM Pulverizer ACM-10A

Fluidized bed opposed jet mills AFG

Fluidized bed opposed jet mills are suitable for abrasive ceramics pigments since it is advantageous on wear protection and reduction of build-up products.

Fluidized bed opposed jet mill 400/1 AFG

Drymeister DMR, DMR-H

Drymeister is the most suitable for drying organic pigment such as blue, green, red, etc.

Drymeister DMR-1H