Particle Design


Faculty S Series F-S

  • Multi Functions: Dedusting, Surface treatment, Spheronization, Densification, Separating impurities in one cycle.
  • Possible to simplify processes.
  • Operator friendly equipment.

Dry Particle Composing Machine
Mechanofusion System AMS

  • Production of composed particles, control of particle shape (rounding, flattening) and precise mixing.
  • Can be used for numerous combinations of particles.
  • Wide range of capacities available.
  • Control of material temperature is possible with cooling jacket.
  • Dry process requires no post drying.
  • Processing in inert gas such as nitrogen and argon is possible.

Dry Particle Composing Machine
Nobilta NOB

  • One machine can be used for mixing, composing, surface treatment, and spheronization.
  • Nobilta can be used for particle design of nano sized particles.
  • Nobilta can be used to mix a wide range of particle sizes from nano level to micron sizes.
  • Compact, low running cost.
  • Easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble.
  • Nobilta can process heat sensitive, abrasive, sticky, hard to handle materials.

Nano Particle Synthesizer
NanoCreator FCM

  • Can produce almost all types of oxidized Nano-particles.
  • Compact design. (FCM-MINI)
  • Easy to disassemble and clean. (FCM-MINI)
  • Can produce nano-particles with the same principle as the small scale. (FCM-400F)
  • Can produce 100 to 200 g of material per hour. (FCM-400F)
    Production rate depends upon composition of the material produce