Hosokawa Micron’s ‘total solution’ approach for batch mixing systems

Hosokawa Micron B.V. has a strong worldwide reputation as a expert in the core powder-processing technologies of mixing, drying and agglomeration, and has increasingly evolved from a machine builder into a developer of turnkey solution in all three areas. The company is well known for its innovative concepts such as the Flexomix, vacuum dryer and the Drymeister, for example. When it comes to batch mixers, however, it has often seen as a single-unit supplier. That is now changing as Hosokawa is increasingly extending its successful ‘total solution’ approach to the batch mixing segment too.

From concept to commissioning

We have a wide range of high-quality individual technologies for you to choose from, but what we pride ourselves on the most, is our ability to help and support our customers from concept to commissioning and beyond. We enjoy working in close collaboration with our clients, and would happily help you find the optimum solution for your specific process requirements.

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