Hosokawa solutions support insect processing trend

In the face of rising pressure on the planet’s natural resources, the world is looking for more sustainable ways to guarantee a long-term food supply for the growing population. Insects have long been acknowledged as a rich source of protein, and they place a much smaller burden on the environment compared to animals that are traditionally farmed for meat. It is therefore no coincidence that process technology expert Hosokawa Micron is seeing a growing demand for insect-processing equipment.

Ashwin Jagmohan, Application Engineer Food at Hosokawa Micron, has noticed rising interest in the company’s mixing and drying equipment for insect-based applications. “A growing proportion of the food and feed-related enquiries we receive are for the processing of insects such as black soldier fly larvae, mealworms and crickets,” he says. “Another interesting area is the drying and milling of waste streams such as fish heads because of a more cradle-to-cradle mindset. At Hosokawa, we’re in an ideal position to help those customers if they require powder technology. Our Drymeister (DMR-H) flash dryer is widely used all over the world to turn products such as corn fibres, wheat gluten, starch, shrimps, krill and so on into a high-value protein powder – and it’s perfectly capable of doing the same with insects and by-products.”

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