Month: August 2020


Special Offer: e200 LS upgrade to ULTIMATE

Currently we are having a special offer to all customer for upgrading current version of Hosokawa ALPINE Air Jet Sieve e200 LS (HMI 2.0) to ULTIMATE version. Promotion ends 31 December 2020 For details, read our flyer –> Flyer-Upgrade-to-Ultimate

Silicon as anode in lithium-ion

Many researches found, (in theory) silicon as anode can hold much more number of electrons compared to graphite, which leads to higher energy density. Are the industry going to replace graphite with silicon in the future? Time will tell… In the meantime, if you are interested to do a grinding trial at our test center,…
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Containment Technology: Maximum Application Scope with Flexible Isolators

The use of highly active pharmaceutical substances is an important element of medical research all over the world. As a consequence, the demands on both the product and personnel safety also increase constantly in the production of pharmaceuticals. Hosokawa Alpine meets this requirement through an integrated containment concept comprising of grinding technology and an isolator.…
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