Month: July 2020


Introducing new wet sieving equipment VBL-FS

Introducing our new line of Viblette… VBL-FS If you are using manual wet sieving to check fineness, Viblette may be a good alternative to lighten the time and labour you are taking to sieve manually. Customers on ceramic raw materials (including for electric materials), organic materials, materials where oversized particles are absolutely not permissible, etc.

How Active Freeze Drying simplifies validation for pharmaceutical companies

Validation of their testing and manufacturing activities is a major challenge for pharmaceutical manufacturers, and the freeze drying process is no exception. Hosokawa Micron B.V. has developed a unique Active Freeze Drying technique that makes validation of pharmaceutical ingredients easier, faster and more cost effective by producing fully homogeneous batches of sterile material.   Read…
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Used/Refurbish equipment – Spiral Jet Mill 200 AS Baseline

This used Spiral Jet Mill 200 AS Baseline is a demo unit that had been used at trade fairs and for demonstrations. This machine is as good as new. Technical data Chamber diameter : 200 mm Gas pressure range : 2 – 8 bar (g) Fineness range d50 : 1 – 40 μm Nominal gas…
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Recycling of Food Waste

Typical household food waste like bones, vegetables, fruits and other organic waste can be recycled and used in the bio-gas plant. Our equipment such as Pre-Breaker or RD Disintegrator can reduce the size of these waste to 3 mm – 4 mm or a few cm depending on the machine type. Read here for details.