Grinding spices is one of the most challenging comminution tasks of all. Not only does the structure of spices vary widely, but also the grindability. Some spices – for example turmeric – can differ dependent on how they are grown and when they are harvested.

Hosokawa delivers complete systems for any spice and dried vegetable for every fineness requirement and final application, whether is is for sauces, soups, curd cheese, cheese, sausage, spice blends or bakery products. Dependent on the specification, we offer systems for the following process steps: cleaning, crushing, cutting, fine grinding, cryogenic grinding with CO2, LN2, sieving, sorting, mixing and packing, etc. tailored to the individual products or in the form of a multi-processing system.

Cryogenic grinding

Cryogenic grinding

As a function of the products – the properties of which such as hardness, size, oil content, shearing resistance and toughness vary widely – we offer different systems tailored to the respective requirements for spices and dried vegetables:

  • Cutting with Rotoplex Ro
  • Fine grinding with Ultraplex UPZ
  • Fine grinding with Contraplex CW
  • Cryogenic grinding with Ultraplex UPZ, Contraplex CW, or Linrex Mill LX