Mineral and Metal Powder for Specialists

The fine art of supplying to mineral and metal raw material producers.

Even if it is no longer visible in the finished product, a high number of polymers, construction materials or ceramic high-tech products contain mineral powder. Even the paint, paper and rubber producing industries use high volumes of ultrafine powders as fillers. Hosokawa Alpine is firmly established in these industries as an expert for the comminution of mineral raw materials to produce fine mineral powder.

 Super Orion ball mill SO CL 200

 Turbo Twin Double classifier 630 TTD

Big in Size Reduction

The classic dry processing methods offered by Hosokawa Alpine include comminution, air classifying and surface treatment of mineral powder, such as coating and the production of spherical particles. We cater to the entire mineral powder range including soft, medium-hard and hard minerals, and provide systems that are adapted to suit the individual requirements, e.g. with an adjusted wear protection. For fineness levels with less than 3 µm top cut, we recommend our energy-efficient wet grinding method.

This technique allows the production of powder in the sub micron level range. Today, wet mills such as the AHM produce metal powder – processed in solvents – in the nano-level range. Many products do not only have to comply with a predefined fineness level but also have to meet requirements such as the following:

  • Maintaining of a needle structure (e.g. wollastonite)
  • Production of laminar particle structures (e.g. talc)
  • Production of spherical particles (e.g. graphite)
  • Steep particle size distributions
  • Processing with minimum contamination
  • Sharp top cut

By the way: Hosokawa Alpine is leading in the size reduction and air classifying of many different metals. Our pre-crushing, drying, ensilage, dust removal, conveyance and transport systems are the perfect addition to your powder business.