PCC is a synthetic product that is obtained by means of a chemical precipitation process. We offer both the systems and the complete production know-how.

The change from mechanical to chemical manufacture of calcium carbonate may surprise some, but is actually a logical reaction to the rising demand for extremely high particle fineness values. The chemical manufacture of PCC has certain very specific advantages;

  • Much finer products at significantly lower energy consumption compared with the classic size reduction process.
  • The energy consumption for a certain type of PCC is almost constant and not a function of fineness, because the operating costs alter only negligibly during production.

By altering the parameters of the chemical reaction, the different properties of the end-product can be influenced to a great degree. This includes control of the morphology or the crystalline shape, the degree of compression or aggregation of the particles as well as the particle size of the specific surface. All these factors make it possible for us to develop a tailor-made end-product for each and every specification.