In the BB (Bulk Blending) Fertilizer, granular raw materials; nitrogen, phosphate salt and potassium are blended on purpose. To avoid segregation during mixing each granular sizes should be adjusted and 2-4mm sizes are suitable which are easy to handle and dusting is minimized.

Premixed chemical fertilizer, which includes required ingredients are also adjusted to 2-4mm sizes. These granular fertilizers are easy to distribute with minimum dusting and do not stick to each other during storage, therefore demand is rising.

Conventionally, rotating drums, i.e. tumbling granulation process, produces granular fertilizers. Because the granulation process requires liquid binder, drying is mandatory. Thus, high production cost is unavoidable in the wet granulation.

As we have developed dry granulating process without liquid binder, granular products with lower production cost and superior product quality are now available. In the dry granulating process, dry compaction process replaced the conventional tumbling granulation. It forms plate – like molds from powder material by strong compression force.

The plate is ground by hammer mill to granular form and sieved to target size range. By roller drum, granular edges are rounded as well as treated with anti-blocking agent. Compared with the conventional product granular durability is improved and distribution property is increased because of round shape granular and less dusting.

Compactor image


Product sample