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CATALYST FOR THE CHEMICAL INDUSTRY: We are an indispensible element of the chemical industry.

The toner powder in your workplace printer, the PTFE-coated frying pan in your kitchen or the paint on your car: Powder is ubiquitous. It is used in many everyday products, either as an ingredient or as a final product. Many powder applications are produced by Hosokawa Alpine mills and classifiers.

 Zirkoplex classifier mill 315 ZPS

Powder with a system

Our lines and systems process all powder types with excellent quality. From powder bulk chemicals and fine chemicals right  through to other chemical products such as colorants, pigments, pesticides, fertilizers or abrasives. Our process solutions include essential operations of powder and particle processing – size reduction, classifying, coating, rounding and mixing. In addition to this, we also cater to other processes such as conveying, storing and dosing.

The customers’ requirements concerning powder characteristics are as numerous as the areas of application for the products of the chemical industry. Thanks to an extensive range of tailored and standard products, Hosokawa Alpine can cater to all requirements, no matter how special they are. We provide you with qualified assistance and will always recommend the best system for your purpose.

Typical end product requirements include:
  • High end product fineness with a sharp top cut
  • End product: low in fines, good flow properties
  • Desagglomeration to primary particle size
  • Flat or wide particle size distribution, depending on the application
  • Powder particle shape
To this end, we offer:
  • Wear-protected and virtually contamination free designs
  • Vapour-proof construction
  • Pressure shock-resistant design to ATEX
  • Gas-loop operation with inert gas
  • Energy-efficient line technology
  • System solutions to prevent deposits
  • Easy and fast purging concepts
  • Cryogenic or cooled grinding of temperature-sensitive materials
  • Special applications with hot-gas operation
Production lines for toner powder

Design, planning and engineering of complete lines for toner production is part of our core competencies. This includes all process stages from the execution of turnkey projects and the transfer of production expertise, right through to toner production, raw material supply and quality assurance. Excellent printing results require  maximum  precision  in the particle size distribution and particle shape of toner powders.

The solution: Thanks to our technologies for the size reduction, classifying and production of spherical toner powder  particles, we set global standards. Our range of specialized machines and systems such as jet mills of the TFG range and air  classifiers TTSP, TSP is distinguished by the following benefits:

  • Maximum output
  • Sharp top cut
  • Minimum dust generation
  • Easy cleaning
  • ATEX-compliant system design

Toner classifier 100 TTSP

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