Milk for baby bottle

In the market of baby food or powdered milk, in order to cover the severe product quality standard, the latest information of high hygiene standards and the technology to mix components of a very small quantity at high reproducibility are required.


Various components of different bulk densities and ‘flowabilities’, such as vitamin, salts, metal complex, and amino acid at small quantities have to be precisely mixed for infant milk production.

Big door

Vitomix VX-800

Sample taker

In the market of infant milk, the requirement of mixing preciseness is similar to the pharmaceutical product. Active ingredients are mixed with care depending on the maximum necessary intake. The most important is to guarantee that infants can take the nutrients precisely, when powdered milk is dissolved in water. For infant milk, the amount of each nutrient is the quality standard. It is too expensive to analyze each small batch. In order to reduce the analyzing cost of active ingredients, it is required to prepare a large batch production at least several tons. To fulfill the requirement for large process volume and precise mixing, Hosokawa proposes a mixer with cantilevered screw of sanitary design, big door for cleaning, sanitary sample bin, and sanitary design Hosokawa Isem valve.

Ribbon screw

Structure of big door


We have a lot of references of the mixers producing infant milk. This production system requires high washability (CIP) and precision mixing. Also, it requires conducting mass batch production at the short process time and less damage to the product. Here, we introduce Vitomix, the best solution for this application.