Laboratory Equipment


Air Jet Sieve

Particle Sizing
Air Jet Sieve e200LS

– The strong jet of air exiting the rotating slotted nozzle purges the sieve gauge continuously.
– Efficiency at work, all in one construction.
– Integrated under pressure controller.
– Universal sieve adapter.
– Sieve identification.
– Ergonomic design.
– Easy operation.
– Reliable quality.


EN_Brochure e200LS_2018

Powder Property Evaluation
Powder Characteristics Tester PT-X

– Measuring instrument to obtain the “Flowability & Floodability index” of dry powder.
– Global standard of powder characteristics
– Easy operation.
– Dedusting function.
– Available for measurement of small volume sample.
– Abundant options.



Wet Sieving
Viblette VBL

– Efficient sieving by strong vibration.
– Shortens sieving time.
– JIS Φ75mm sieve drum.
– Huge amount of slurry processing is possible.
– High end model with optional functions to set the best operating conditions.



Table Top Lab Equipment

– Small sample processing.
One to a few gram samples.
– Minimizing scale-up risk.
– R&D purpose.
– Function Modules.
Various modules are provided; classifier head, housings, mills and motor adapters.
– Feeder and dust collectors (for short test + for continuous operation) are provided for each module.



Multi Processing System

Jet milling, Impact milling, Ultrafine classification
Multi-processing System 100AFG,
50ATP, 50ZPS, 100AS, 100UPZ, PV-

– Veritable all-rounders.
Opposed jet mill AFG/Target jet mill MJT
Ultrafine classifier ATP
Classifier mill ZPS
Spiral jet mill AS
Fine impact mill UPZ
Agitating Media Mill PV
Spheronization F

Particle Size and Electrostatic Charge Distribute Analysis
E-spart Analyzer EST-G

– Measuring simultaneously size and charge of each particle in real time base.
– Applicable for mono- and dual-component toner.
– Enhanced software.
– Adapt to simple environmental test laboratory.
– New feeder for measurement of fine toner.

Wettability Analysis
Peneto Analyzer PNT-N

– To evaluate the affinity between powder and liquid, i.e. wettability by measuring the speed and mass of the liquid penetrating into the powder bed.
– No special pretreatment required.
– Applicable sample and liquid (solvent)
-Sample : Powder, porous block, fibers, sheet like materials, and powder coated foils.
Liquid (solvents) : Water or organic solvent with high flowability like as oil.



Online Particle Size Analysis
Optisizer XO

– Online measuring of PSD.
– Light and robust body.
– Easy disassembling and cleaning.
– A range of sampling options.
– Built to ISO13320. (Laser diffraction and scattering method, particle size distribution measurement)
– IP65 protected.
– ATEX options available.