Fine grinding
Product size some hundreds µm to some dozen µm

Hosokawa ALPINE Universal Pin Mill UPZ

Impact Type Fine Grinding Mill
Fine Impact Mill UPZ

– Wide range of flexible and interchangeable
size reduction media to fulfill a host of different requirements for medium fine end product sizes.
– Simple grinding structure for easy assembly and dis-assembly.
– CIP/SIP compliant model available.
– The 100UPZ-c, manufactured specifically for pharmaceutical applications, can be easily disassembled for cleaning and is GMP compliant.



Impact Type Fine Grinding Mill with Pin Discs
Contraplex CW

– The wide grinding chamber structure allows generated heat to be discharged efficiently and prevents adhesion buildup.
– The high relative speeds generated by the two pin discs allow fine grinding.
– The strong impact generated by the pin discs allow an equally ground mixture made up by more than one substance.
– Ideal for raw materials with Mohs hardness 3 and lower.



Brochure 250 CW II

Hosokawa ALPINE Contraplex CW
Air Classifier Mill ACM

Impact Type Air Classifying Mill
ACM Pulverizer ACM, ACM-A, ACM-

– By changing the air volume and classifying
rotor speed, the particle size can be easily
adjusted. This allows the operator to change
product sizes during operation as well.
– Effective impact grinding for heat sensitive materials possible.
– The ACM-A model can yield products with average particle sizes of 10-100μm, with the high speed (peripheral speed of 130m/s). The ACM-H model produces average product sizes of under 10 μm.



Brochure ACM_Pulverizer

Brochure ACM-HC

Brochure ACM-CR

Impact Type Fine Grinding Mill with Pin Discs
Sugarplex for sugar grinding

Versatile size-reduction system with exchangeable grinding elements such as:

– Beater disc, pin discs, swing beaters and plate beaters, sieves and grinding tracks.

– End-product fineness in the range 50 µm to approx. 5 mm in accordance with the grinding equipment installed.

– Generously dimensioned mill door for easy cleaning and exchange of grinding elements.

The coarse sugar is fed via a rotary valve through the mill door directly into the centre of the grinding unit. The grinding unit consists of 2 pin discs and is completely integrated into the mill door. The door can be opened quickly and easily and can be swung wide open so that the user can inspect or clean the milling tools at any time with no problem. The Sugarplex 315 SX achieves throughputs of 3 t/h at a finenesse of 99% < 450 µm or 1.5 t/h at a finenesse of 99% < 150 µm.


Brochure Sugarplex

Impact Type Screen Model Fine Grinding Mill
Pulverizer AP

– Continuous operation allows for high capacity milling of a wide range of materials.
– Particle top size can be easily controlled by
changing the retainer screen.
– Designed for quick disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.
– Durable construction for long service life.
– AP-B, AP-1, and AP-2 models can be operated on its own by attaching air relief filters, allowing for easy operation.
– Different screen options can produce materials down to 45 microns.


Brochure Pulverizer_AP

Screen Type Fine Impact Mill
Feather Mill FM, FM-P

– The particle size can be easily adjusted by
changing the hammer rotation speed as well
as the screen size.
– The Feather Mill is a suitable grinder for a wide variety of materials including heat sensitive ones.
– The pressure loss of the machine is very low, making it easy to incorporate the machine into any process line.



Impact Type Air Classifying Mill
ACM Pulverizer E-ACM

– Enhanced model from the ACM for the effective grit reduction in the carbon black.
– All raw material flows through the grinding
chamber without short pass.
– Recycle grinding of classified material.
– The grinding unit is normally incorporated into the carbon black process line as an in-line unit.



Impact Screen Type Fine Grinding Mill
Victory Mill VP

– Due to its short residence time, generations of fines are minimized leading to a sharp and uniform particle distribution.
– The area ratio of the liner and screen can be adjusted to best suit the material specifications.
– It has a simple structure making maintenance very easy.
– Ideal for grinding heat sensitive materials such as synthetic resin and foodstuffs

Cryogenic Grinding Unit

– Materials that are difficult to grind at normal temperatures can be easily ground.
– Can produce particles with high flowability and acute angle shapes.
– Deterioration due to heat and oxidization, as well as flavor and aroma loss of foodstuff and spices are prevented.
– Can prevent odor, dust explosion, combustion, and noise that are accompanied with grinding.


Brochure_Linrex Mill_LX

High Performance Cooling Type Mechanical Mill
Glacis GC

– Ultra-fine grinding of heat-sensitive materials
– Suitable for grinding heat-sensitive resins due to its high cooling efficiency. When grinding toner, the Glacis can produce products with the same average particle size (approximately 5μm) as products produced by jet mills.
– Energy-saving.
– Superior cooling efficiency.
– Compact design of the unit and system.
– Production scale test units.



Three-in-one Mill
UMP Universal Milling System

– It is designed to suit the multiple application needs of the pharmaceutical and food industries.
– It can meet the requirements for coarse granulation to ultra fine grinding with particle size distribution control as well.
– Operators can quickly change grinding elements for different applications.
Pins for ultra-fine grinding, Impact Hammers for fine grinding or Knife rotor for coarse grinding and granulation.