Direct Heating Flash Dryer
Drymeister DMR-H

– High drying ability and no adhesion inside.
– Fine and dry product.
– Easy control of particle size.
– Easy control of moisture content in the product.
– Compact installation.
– High energy efficiency.
– Various options :
Construction material of ceramics for the powder contact parts. Specially designed screw feeder for cake material.
– Compared to conventional Drymeister, DMR-H can (1) induce inlet air temperature up to 600°C, (2) increase capacity by 40% and (3) improved thermal capacity coefficient.

Multipurposed-Domed Type with Jacket
Hosokawa Vrieco Nauta Vacuum Dryer

– High heat transfer coefficient : Material dependence, but normally U=50-2000W/(m2•K)
– Low energy consumption.
ca. 5.5-13kW for 2,000 liter/batch size.
– Limited gas tight part.
– Easy discharge and very little residue in the
– Easy to clean.

Indirect Heating Agitating Media Dryer
Xerbis XB

– Slurries/Solutions can be directly dried.
– Drying slurries with high viscosity and cohesive nature.
– Energy saving.
With a closed circuit system, running cost can be drastically reduced.
– Wear protection.

Active Freeze Dryer AFD

– Efficient and contamination-free.
– Faster and less labor intensive than the traditional tray freeze drying process.
– High Quality.
– Compact.
– Typical applications include pharmaceuticals like antibiotics, proteins, collagen and API’s, and food & food additives.

Indirect Heating Dryer
Thermo Processor MTD

– Wide application with different rotor designs.
– F type has higher plug flow property suitable for low moisture material.
– M type has higher mixing ability suitable for sludge like material.
– High heat transfer efficiency.
– Reduce adhesion due to dual rotor construction.
– Compact unit with large heat transfer area.
– Large heat transfer capacity and heat transfer coefficient.

Indirect Heating Dryer
Solidaire SJ

– High dispersion effect enables to dry high
moisture content material and caked material to product moisture content to several %.
– Paddles break the agglomerates contained in the material and avoids secondary agglomeration generated while drying to produce powdery products.
– Drying time can be controlled by adjusting angles of paddles and/or rotating speed of rotor.
– With inert gas operation such as N2 as a carrier, it is possible to operate.

Indirect Heating Dryer
Torusdisc TD

– Compact structure with large heat transfers area. Reduced heat loss to outside, and effective use of heat energy.
– High heat transfer coefficient. For dry powder, heat transfer coefficient is 20-35kJ/m2•h•K, wet powder; 30 – 60kJ/m2•h•K, slurr y, 60 – 230kJ/m2•h•K.
– Wide operating application for drying, heating, cooling, vacuum drying and combined operation with hot air.